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Quality Raw Materials


Multivitamin/Multi-mineral supplements, also known as MVM, have a long history of providing protection from micronutrient deficiencies, especially in the older and more vulnerable age groups. It’s no surprised that a lot of research and thought were put into comparing the nutritional values of food and MVM.
Research-Backed Benefits
For instance, The National and Nutrition Examination exerted a survey aiming to understand micronutrient intakes and evaluate their percentages using their biomarkers in adults who were 51 years old or more. Likewise, The National Cancer Institute Method measured the amount of 18 micronutrients in individuals’ bodies, putting in consideration age and use of multivitamins frequency as a factor.
The use of multivitamins exceeded expectations and was significantly superior! Unlike depending solely on food intakes, using MVM meant improved nutritional intake and less deficiencies of all the nutrients that were considered. Not to mention, it also came with a much superior nutrient biomarker status for folate, iodine and different vitamins such as vitamin D, B6, B12, and the powerful mineral, selenium!

Our gummies and input materials are only flavored with the highest grade all natural sources.

We make sure that none of our raw ingredients do not contain animal biproducts or gluten.

We do not use any material that has been genetically modified or products that use heavy pesticides.

Our farms we source our raw material from have strict environmental standards to uphold.