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High Bioavailability Gummies

Private Label
Nano Gummies

Nano Gummies Are The Best Way To Administer Your Supplementation



Small particles
= big effect.

Our private label nano gummies are some of the highest bioavailable gummies on the market. We work with multiple labs to solubilize, nano size and even liposome various different extracts.

Less Is More

We can get our nano particles down to 60 nanometers. And did you know that having your nano ingredients in our gummy solution is one of the most stable nano products you can get.

Nano particles make better gummies

Make your
gummies work at the cellular level.

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Reach out today to speak with a highly skilled and attentive account executive. We would love to hear about your business! And don't worry... we aren't pushy, annoying salespeople.

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We will give you a special link to order a few base gummy samples and flavors. If you need some R&D for a nano gummy, we can do that no problem.

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Decided which nano gummy is best for your brand? Great! Reach out again and we will discuss production, packaging and delivery of your gummies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Private Label Nano Gummies

We can create nano, water soluble, and liposome gummies.

2 full years. Most nano tinctures have no where near the shelf life of our nano gummies.

Yup! There are many pharmaceuticals that you doing not want to pass the blood brain barrier, but with organic and natural products, it is 100% safe and up to 8X more effective.

We have multiple way to nano size or solubilize the active load. When nano sized with a sonicator, we can get the nano particle down to 60 nanometers. 

Nano sizing or solubilizing a compound or extract can sometime change the taste of the finished gummy. It's best to do a little R & D if trying a new formula or active ingredients.

Many vitamins and extracts can be turned into a nano product. It is good to discuss what material you are thinking of being made nano with one of our lab technicians or scientific advisors to discuss the possibilities.