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New Supplement Labels


The New Supplement Label Guide

Whether you pay close attention to every single detail on nutrition labels or simply skip right to the calorie choice as your health and fitness compass, you might be interested in knowing that the FDA has made some changes to how these nutrition labels are written. It’s safe to say that food labels aren’t exactly closely monitored or have the same standards of medication. Still, over the last couple of years, the FDA has been paying more attention to what’s being written on your nutritional product labels. 

New nutritional labels are being introduced to the market and the goal is ultimately to provide better information and more transparency regarding the ingredients of these products and how they can affect customers. It’s normal to wonder about whether or not the changes made to nutritional labels can help customers personally. As mentioned, the goal is to provide more clarity to the customer but how can these changes improve their everyday life? 

It Lets Consumers Know What’s In It for Them

Quite literally, the “What’s in it for you” question is being added to new nutritional product labels. This is a fresh approach from the FDA to break down the labels into layman’s terms so that people can have a better understanding of them. It’s a huge step to making better dietary choices more accessible to the regular consumer without having to learn insider jargon or read confusing terms. 

Serving Sizes Are Getting More Realistic

Doubling up serving sizes is confusing and sometimes downright depressing. However, in the past, it was the only way for the customers to get a better understanding of their calorie count, nutritional value, and other important info like added sugars. The new serving size reflects what people normally eat rather than the older and much smaller sizes.

It Will Acknowledge Actives

Nutritional labels will now mention the daily value of the calcium, iron, potassium, and Vitamin D content of the food. While other vitamins and minerals are not exactly subject to mandatory disclosure, this might encourage makers to include them if they desire to do so. 

It Will Mention The Amount Of CBD and THC

Since every state is different when it comes to CBD and THC, this one will be a little trickier to apply than the rest. However, manufacturers will be obliged to put the amount of active CBD load or THC per serving on the front and the back of the product and it will have to be clearly marked. 

Why Did The FDA Change Nutritional Labels?

The United States Food and Drug Administration actually made a previous change to the laws of nutritional labels in 2020. However, the recent ones are slightly different, in the way that they are aiming to provide full clarity to the consumer. The overall goal of the changes is to provide more information to the consumer about what is present in the foods that they are buying. This will help make it easier to understand what is in the food being consumed and how it fits into their diet plan. The good news is that there will probably be even more changes and proper regulation directed especially to that goal! However, these future changes will probably also be along the same lines of providing the most information possible so that consumers will know what they are purchasing.

If you are needing a step-by-step guide on what’s the latest and greatest in regards to label compliance, check out the FDA guideline here.